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ITU Solar Potential And PV Application


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Humanity is always in need of energy from past to present. Because energy is used in many areas of daily life. Much of the energy resources used in the world are fossil-based energy sources. Today, fossil energy resources are gradually declining and many fossil energy sources have come to an end. Fossil fuels also have harmful effects on environment and natural life such as global warming, air pollution, acid rain, diseases and deaths in life, etc. Hence, people have been directed to search for new energy in order to supply the increasing demand for energy. Moreover, non-renewable energy sources can never supply energy demand. For this reason, renewable energy sources are at the forefront. The sun is the source of endless energy in the world. Solar energy is the oldest energy source ever used. The first practical application is drying to protect food. With the development of solar energy technology, solar energy has found a wide range of applications (heating, electricity generation, etc.). In this project, the solar energy potential of the Istanbul Technical University Ayazağa Campus was investigated using the radiation data obtained from the observation park. Furthermore, it is aimed to select the most suitable areas possible and to establish photovoltaic roof systems in this area.


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Journal of Research in Atmospheric Science (JRAS)
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