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Short Power Curve Verification of Wind Turbines by Using the Nacelle Mounted Anemometer


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While renewable energy power plants have been starting to take over the important place of the conventional power plants in energy sector; wind is one of the most technologically saturated and cheapest renewable energy sources in order to harvest energy from it. Needless to say, wind power plants have a significant share in the total installed energy capacity of the World and this share is expected to increase further in the future. On the other hand; choosing the appropriate wind turbine for the site which has been planned to install a Wind Power Plant is one of the most difficult and crucial decision that has to be taken. Therefore, technical sheets of power curves of the turbines which have been taken from the turbine manufacturer company for calculating the net energy yield of a site have huge importance before the decision of installation. Since these technical sheets of power curves are only theoretical and may not represent the realistic conditions of the site; a verification should’ve been done on installed turbines. Even though there are many different methods for verification of power curve in literature; this study focuses on Nacelle based data, adjustments according to the atmospheric conditions on raw wind speed data and wake effects. One year turbine based data of the two WPPs of Sancak Energy have been used in this study in order to control the reliability of the power curves.


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Journal of Research in Atmospheric Science (JRAS)
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