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Covid-19'un Su Tüketimi ve Rezervuarlar Üzerindeki Etkileri: Ankara, Türkiye'de Bir Vaka Çalışması


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In this study, monthly water reservoir levels and water consumption in Ankara and the impacts of Covid-19 on the water environment were analysed. Changes in reservoir levels were more stable in Camlidere and sensitive in Kurtbogazi to rainfall and water consumption, which might be the result of different reservoir capacities and areas. Even if the population growth rate decreased in 2020, water consumption in March, April, May, and June was higher than the 2016-2019 period, which was likely the result of national advice and restrictions due to the Covid-19 with the emphasis on handwashing and other public health measures. Given the pressures on water systems arising under climate change or through further pandemics, it is essential to have publicly available real-time water data and analyse them regularly, which would help in the early detection of any stresses on water resources and help authorities to have sustainable management plans.


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Journal of Research in Atmospheric Science (JRAS)
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